CONGRATULATIONS! You’re thinking about going on a mission trip to Peru, perhaps for the first time. You may be feeling excited, or nervous, or inspired. In any case, you’re considering what could become a life changing experience. A mission trip is an opportunity to experience the breadth, depth and height of the God who calls us to go into the world as his disciples. You will broaden your understanding of a people and culture very different from yours. You will likely be overwhelmed by the living presence of Christ in the places where you will be involved.

WE ARE GRATEFUL for your willingness to consider a mission trip and we understand that your participation would require a significant commitment of time, effort and resources. If financial assistance would improve your ability to make the trip, we encourage you to apply for a Mission Trip Scholarship. These scholarships are a tangible reflection of the goals of the Peru Covenant. They are intended to empower people to experience and contribute to the mission of the whole church, build cross-cultural relationships, and foster deeper understanding of how the gospel is lived out in faith communities, both here and around the world. By providing scholarships, the Peru Covenant hopes to increase individual participation in mission. We pray that those who participate will return with a continuing sense of mission that may transform them, their congregations and, possibly, their wider communities.